Camelot & Vine

Camelot & Vine, Petrea Burchard, King Arthur, Dark Ages

Camelot & Vine
 introduces Casey Clemens, a failing Hollywood actress with an honesty problem. On the day before her 40th birthday, Casey loses her job, her married boyfriend and everything else she never cared about. She hops on a plane, gets drunk and falls through a gap in time. Casey lands in the 6th century war camp of the great King Arthur, where honesty is required but absolutely not useful when you’re facing a sword. So she lies. And that’s where the danger begins.

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More reviews for Camelot & Vine:

Camelot & Vine is a clever intersection of a delightful contemporary heroine and well-researched historical fiction. The setting is lush and rich and the characters are familiar but fresh. It’s filled with humor, myth, warmth, wisdom and a loyal steed! What more could you ask for in a book?
—Lian Dolan, LA Times best-selling author of Helen of Pasadena, and columnist

This tale of an LA poser in King Arthur’s court combines character-driven writing with great pacing and action. The fact that it also includes fascinating period details, a tweaking of ancient legend, and a sexy King Arthur for grown-ups makes it the perfect indulgence for those days when you just need to live in another millennium.
—Margaret Finnegan, author of The Goddess Lounge

This captivating tale has it all: adventure, humor, love, and peril. A fresh take on the legend of Camelot.
—Colleen Dunn Bates, Founder and Publisher at Prospect Park Books

Engaging characters and a never predictable storyline found me holding my breath as I followed Casey’s (mis)adventures and journey of self-discovery. Fun, but not fluff. Burchard does not shy away from confronting what would have been harsh realities, particularly for a woman, of the age.
—Karen Z.,

…a clever and entertaining adventure that takes Casey into a world where the fighting is dirtier than on any Hollywood backlot. There is real excitement and peril in this story and I could not put this book down.
—Denise F.,

This is such a darned good book. Burchard spins a lively yarn, plus she’s done her homework. This may not be the Camelot you’re familiar with, but it’s probably closer to the one that actually existed…
—Anne Louise Bannon,

…goes beyond cliche in re-telling the Arthurian legends, bringing those characters out of mothballs & breathing life into them.
— Greg Bell,

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Some reviews from Amazon UK:

Once I’d started this book I couldn’t put it down. A lovely bitter-sweet tale of friendship, love and betrayal with time travel thrown in.
—Isabel Duncan

This is a beautifully written story that flows perfectly. Thoroughly recommended.
—Anita Davison

Arthurian fans should enjoy this – meant for fun not historical accuracy – but fun books are often in short supply, so this one fits the bill nicely!
—Helen Hollick


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