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Being a non-famous actor in Hollywood isn’t easy, but it can be fun if you bring your attitude. Based on the popular column in‘s ActorsInk, the essays in Act As If: Stumbling Through Hollywood With Headshot in Hand take a (mostly) humorous and very personal look at the life of a journeyman actor in Hollywood. “Journeyman,” as in “not a star.”

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More praise for Act As If:

“This book is a must for anyone thinking of taking Hollywood by storm. It’s your life, your career. Keep your eyes open and be sure to have this book on your nightstand.”
—Liz Hanley, Owner, President and Theatrical Agent, Bicoastal Talent

“Act As If  holds great life lessons for people in the arts—or out of them. It’s worth keeping in your car on the way to auditions, and laughing over with the recognition that what we do in the arts is crazy, improbable, and sometimes discouraging—and that we are among the luckiest people in the world.” —Kat Likkel, writer/producer of Galavant, My Name is Earl and Better Off Ted

“These fun, humorous and insightful essays give a behind-the-scenes look into the life of a working actor in Los Angeles. But what makes these memorable stories linger long after you’ve read them is the sincere and vulnerable way in which they’re told. Whether or not you’re an actor, this courageous collection is a warm and caring guidebook for embracing our universal need for creative expression.” —Linda Peters,

“…all graduating MFA students who want to make a living in ‘The Biz’ should be handed this book with their diploma to give them a realistic view of the business they want to pursue. [Act As If] is an honest, practical and remarkably uncynical look at the job of being an actor.” —Rick Hall, actor—Good Luck Charlie, 24, Curb Your Enthusiasm

“I felt like I had a friend after reading this, someone who knows and expresses so eloquently the ups and downs and striving that an actor goes through on their artistic and career journey. It’s a delight, it’s fun, it’s comforting, and it’s real. Give it as a gift to yourself, or a fellow actor.” —Fran Montano, Artistic Director, The Actors Workout Studio

“[Burchard’s] funny, painful riffs on the realities of this business help us all realize we’re not alone/or insane! She doesn’t dish out the all too typical “actor advice” pablum, but provides insightful, great pieces—whether it’s a tribute to what it takes to survive as in “You Persevere,” some home truths about attitude such as “Desperation Stinks,” or the greatly moving “Interesting Lives.” This is a very worthwhile, funny read.” —Jane Macfie, actor—The Mindy Project, House of Lies, Wedding Band

“It’s clear from the first page that Burchard has been there and done that and has learned from all of it. She does more than give practical advice on what aspiring actors can do to become successful. She gives life lessons on how to avoid the pitfalls on the way to success—which may be more important—in a very honest and funny way.” —Janet,

“Every actor should read this!” —Leigh Kelly,
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