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    November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. Frankly, any month is perfect for adopting a senior pet.

    When we adopted Boz, our first dog, he was five years old. Neither puppy nor senior, but an adult. He was a laid-back guy, and as he aged he got sweeter and sweeter, which is amazing because he was super-sweet to begin with. And if Boz is any indication, you most certainly can teach an old dog new tricks.

    Wilma was four when she moved in with us. Now she’s seven and a half. Thank goodness she’s calmed down with age, but the girl is still overloaded with energy. Sweet, yes, mellow, no.

    Here’s the thing about senior pets: they are all love. They won’t chew your furniture or bite your babies. Boz enjoyed the trails with us at an easy pace until his last year, though if you want a high-energy pet to run with you, you might want a younger dog (a puppy will chew your furniture and everything else you’ve got, so get an adult if you don’t want to deal with that).

    If you want a quiet companion, a senior pet is perfect for comfy strolls, watching TV, cuddles, and love.

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    7:00 pm-9:00 pm
    Glendale Downtown Central Library
    222 E. Harvard Street, Glendale, CA 91205

    Glendale Downtown Central Library

    Join me, Bonnie Schroeder and GB Pool at the newly remodeled Glendale Downtown Central Library for an evening of authors, books, and blab! It’s a chance for readers to ask all the questions they’ve ever wanted to about the writing life.


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    1:00 pm-3:00 pm
    Faith Presbyterian Church
    5000 Colfax Avenue, Valley Village, CA 91601

    Faith Presbyterian Church

    Sisters in Crime is a national organization specializing in mysteries and mystery writers of any gender. I’ll be leading a workshop for Sisters in Crime-LA on How Character Drives Plot, and Why. We’ll meet at the patio room of Faith Presbyterian Church, 5000 Colfax Avenue in Valley Village, CA. SinC members $10, Non-members $25. Be sure to go to the link to sign up.

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