Wilma Wednesday: Turn-Ons & Turn-Offs

Wilma, nude

You might notice at the top of this page that what was once “Petrea’s Blog” is now “Wilma’s Blog.” Let’s face it, she’s taken over. So in keeping with her subtle and artistic nudity in this pose, I’ll let her tell you a few things about herself, like certain naked, photogenic bunnies we’ve seen pictures of.

Wilma’s turn-ons and turn-offs:

“I don’t like bunnies. I will kill bunnies.
I don’t like walking in the rain.
I like to walk in dirt. I like to walk on the sidewalk and in the grass.
I don’t like to hold hands. That’s not right.
I like eating. My favorite thing to eat is food, but I will try other things.
My pet peeves are squirrels, cats, and dogs. Except Lizzy and Abby. Tex and Libby and Kiev are okay. I like Buster and I don’t like Bandit.
I like lizards. I hate lizards.
I will chase a toy but it is better to chase two toys.
I like to have all the parts of me rubbed. I like to lick legs.
I like all smells and stinks. I don’t have a favorite.
I like the vet. I get to go in my own special door.
I will kill the mailman.
My favorite thing is cheesy pills.”


  1. Daryl - May 3, 2017 @ 13:08

    I love this ! It made me smile today. Wilma and my Abby have some of the same likes and dislikes.

    • Petrea - May 3, 2017 @ 13:59

      Hi Daryl! Perhaps our dogs are not so much sexy, but sassy?

  2. Chris - May 3, 2017 @ 14:55

    Wilma has a ‘special door ‘ at the vet’s? When opened does it play 🎶/does it bark? Cheesy pills ? Our Cairn could eat the cheese and leave the pill. How talented is that? 😉

    • Petrea - May 3, 2017 @ 16:26

      She is quite sure it’s her special entrance. It’s the back door, so she won’t bark at all the sweeter pets in the lobby.

  3. William Kendall - May 3, 2017 @ 15:00

    The mailman’s evil, right, Wilma?

    • Petrea - May 3, 2017 @ 16:26

      You know it!

  4. Leslie - May 3, 2017 @ 16:23

    I say that it’s time for the mailman to start wearing shorts and dab a bit of bacon grease on his legs. Then he can move out of the prey category and into the licked-legs group. I think this has been Wilma’s covert plan all along. She seems to be quite brilliant. 🙂

    • Petrea - May 3, 2017 @ 16:26

      Well, you won’t get an argument from me, but you might get one from the mailman.

  5. Bonnie Schroeder - May 3, 2017 @ 20:02

    Wilma, Thunder would like to know how you feel about baths and if you have any secrets for avoiding them. She hates them even more than squirrels.

    • Petrea - May 3, 2017 @ 21:48

      Wilma says, “I like baths. The water feels good and my lady rubs me and tells me I’m a good girl. After I am clean the man dries me with a towel. I like that part best. Plus a dental chew for being good.”

  6. Lowell - May 4, 2017 @ 04:01

    It’s nice to know what you want when you want it and Wilma seems to have no trouble in that category! But, sassy though she may be, she still has a certain fondness for her favorite mistress which is not surprising considering the bath thing! Sheesh. What a lucky dog!

    • Petrea - May 4, 2017 @ 07:46

      She has loved baths since the first one we gave her. I’m guessing a previous owner made it a nice experience for her. The best part is getting toweled off, and John does that part (he’s the one who lifts her in and out of the tub).

  7. Jean Spitzer - May 4, 2017 @ 05:13

    Wilma is in a classic pose; she really is a fabulous model.

    And I’m glad I’m not a mailman.

    • Petrea - May 4, 2017 @ 07:47

      I’d make a great mailman for about half a day. That’s how long my feet would last.

  8. Melody Gillette - May 4, 2017 @ 08:40

    Her serene highness

    • Petrea - May 4, 2017 @ 10:32

      She’s really very humble. She forgot to mention that.

  9. Lauren Kennedy - May 9, 2017 @ 09:58

    Wonderful, Petrea.

    • Petrea - May 9, 2017 @ 10:04

      Thank you!

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