Sunday Sentence, 1

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@ImDavidAbrams curates a list on Twitter called #SundaySentence. Today I’m posting my first one:

“When I was a teenager, I thought every kid spent sweaty summer afternoons in their bedrooms, daydreaming of cutting their mother up into little pieces and mailing them to parts unknown.”

—That’s from Alice Sebold’s novel, The Almost Moon. The characters and plot are wild and unexpected, and I’m enjoying it immensely. I took a picture of the page because the sentence is longer than 140 characters.

I also have a favorite nonfiction sentence this week (so much good stuff to choose from!):

“Still, it might come as a shock to some cat owners that the International Union for Conservation of Nature ranks house cats as one of the world’s 100 worst invasive species, making them an unusually glamorous addition to the icky litany of advancing fungi, mollusks, shrubs and other unwelcome beings.”

—That one’s from A Plague of House Cats by Abigail Tucker, an article in this month’s Smithsonian Magazine. “Icky litany.” You can’t beat it.

The photo above is of my friend’s cat Teddy, preening to pose for his photo shoot with an early edition of Camelot & Vine.


  1. chris - October 9, 2016 @ 10:17

    As a cat owner, I am crushed by what the Int’l Union for Conservation of Nature….. they must be allergy ridden cat haters…. but, I am not surprised… Many people don’t have cats high on their list… that’s ok… btw, love that photo! bet its quiet there.

    • Petrea - October 9, 2016 @ 10:35

      Check out the article. It’s mostly about ferals, strays, and irresponsible owners who live near wildlife refuges.

  2. William Kendall - October 9, 2016 @ 11:22

    That’s quite a fiction sentence- a showstopper!

    I love the kitty.

    • Petrea - October 9, 2016 @ 11:35

      I thought the same, both about the sentence and about the kitty!

  3. chris - October 9, 2016 @ 12:50

    I read the article and yes, I do agree that cats who have access to the outdoors are indeed feral … they have to be…. Now kittens, yep, mine has never been outdoors, she is very afraid, yet, as the article states, she does know how to pounce- I’m living proof… She even knows how to get in that stance like a runner does when the ref’s gun goes off… She plays hard as well… tho, I still believe its born in them… As Cesar Millan has said, ‘we can’t humanize dogs’… which I would think includes any animal we have as pets.. People forget that they are animals… and resort to instinct…
    Interesting article and I agree w/it 100%… As far as humanizing animals, I somehow think the dogs and cats I come across do understand.. they are in fact a lot smarter than humans… The last book I read ‘Leaving Time’ deals w/elephants, I learned a lot about those sweet creatures…

    • Petrea - October 9, 2016 @ 18:11

      I thought it was so interesting that kittens don’t have to be taught. Even though we’ve domesticated cats, we’ve never quite tamed them the way we have dogs.

  4. Lowell - October 9, 2016 @ 17:35

    Our kitties never go outside. Well, they go out on the screened lanai. They seem to be fine with that.

    Sunday morning sentences as I remember them usually started out with, “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” That was a long time ago. 😇

    • Petrea - October 9, 2016 @ 18:02

      Outdoor cats aren’t safe on their own around here; too many coyotes.

      Those kinds of Sunday sentences are in my past, too, Lowell.

  5. chris - October 10, 2016 @ 04:51

    Your comment about cats not having to be taught– I agree, there are things my cat could do that amazed me.. she knew how to turn the handle of the pantry door.. she’d jump and hit her paw on top of the handle and it would unlock.. she must of watched me… she would jump in a plastic grocery bag hanging from the handle of a door… she only drinks from water from the faucet– she started doing that when I had gotten one of those small indoor table fountains…(she no longer drinks from a bowl- what a pain)…
    Sidebar: she still thinks I’m her mama, she will knead me when she’s on my lap… My vet thought she did that because I had her when she was only 8 weeks and a 1lb and a half of meowing… She knew how to use a litter box w/out making a mess.. Now that to me was amazing.

    • Petrea - October 10, 2016 @ 08:48

      She sounds like a smarty cat! (I got both your comments, thanks.)

  6. magiceye - October 10, 2016 @ 19:50

    Love the picture! Beautifully composed!

    • Petrea - October 10, 2016 @ 20:16

      Thank you!

  7. Shelley - October 15, 2016 @ 22:10

    Cute kitty !! As a smitten cat woman, I do believe they aren’t meant to be out roaming in certain environments. Certainly here in Australia, being an introduced species, they aren’t great left outdoors and we have a growing feral cat problem. Mind you, dogs can do lots of damage to birds, too, and koalas and so on, but they can be {generally!} more easily contained by yards with fences. I’m a firm believer in kitties being kept inside here in Australia. Ella luxuriates in her fully screened home and large deck with plenty of trees next to it ~ she can climb up the ‘paw mesh’ screen that holds up to 25 kg of animal and make like she’s chasing a bird without doing any damage. And I know she’s safe, too !! And I don’t get eaten by mozzies in summer – it’s great for me, too. 🙂

    • Petrea - October 16, 2016 @ 07:53

      I love cats, too, Shelley, and I’m allergic! But not so badly that I can’t visit my cat-loving friends for an hour or two.

      We have the same cat safety concerns here. It’s not safe to leave them out, at least not at night, because of coyotes. But they are more effective against rats and mice than anything else, and so close to the city we don’t have to worry about rodent extinction. 🙂

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