Wael Shukha, headshot, smile
photo by Wael Shukha

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my site. It’s more than nice of you to drop by, it’s downright fabulous.

I’m a writer, audiobook narrator, actor, and voice actor. It may not seem like it, but they’re all intricately related, all about the voice and the story.

My books, Camelot & Vine and Act As If: Stumbling Through Hollywood With Headshot in Hand, each have their own page on the site, and you can preview their insides above. Or live dangerously: skip the formalities and purchase them here.

I hope you’ll add my blog to your regular reading. My dog, Wilma, has pretty much taken over. Her posts go up each Wednesday.

Clips of my articles, short stories and other publications rate their own page. My writing resume is here. I’ve published features, essays, listicles, and countless book reviews. My voice-over demo is on the Voice page, along with videos of my anime work and on-camera acting.

Click ’em all! That’s what they’re here for. And please remember, everything on this site is copyrighted material. If you want to borrow, contact me.

By the way, this website is an Amazon affiliate, which means when you click one of my Amazon links and buy something (anything, not just my books), I get a weensy percentage of the proceeds to add to Wilma’s savings account. She’s saving up for ballet lessons.